Orbital – Octane OST

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Album Review by EDF

Usually soundtrack albums can either be eventful and exciting or dull and pointless, depending on the movie and/or the composer. While soundtrack albums cannot all be like PULP FICTION or THE LORD OF THE RINGS, you do get the odd exception. Unfortunately this is not one of them.

The dependable Orbital have provided the score for the Madeleine Stowe movie OCTANE, a movie about cults and forests. With this knowledge in mind, the music was bound to be a little bit creepy and atmospheric, to say the least. Some of the musical themes are revisited on some of the tracks, making the album a little bit repetitive while listening from start to finish. The only track wroth noting is INITATION which sounds more like classic Orbital than any of the other tracks. In all honestly, I cannot imagine anyone other than Orbital fans purchasing this.

2 stars