Palm Beats Volume 1 – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

PALM BEATS is a compilation showcasing the sort of music coming from Palm Pictures. Why should this label be of any interest to the average music lover? Well, maybe because Chris Blackwell owns the label, the man who originally set up Island Records. On Palm Pictures, the music is just as challenging and exciting with its mix of Dub, African and Latin.

The album starts off with the ever-reliable SLY AND ROBBIE on the jungle like CAPONE’S THEME. Then comes the fantastic Dub remix of LINDA MANIGUA by SIDESTEPPER and the remix somehow manage to make the track sound as great as the original. The African GIGI provides us with the funky GUD FELLA while the more well known BAABA MAAL is given a decent funky house remix for FA LAAY FANAAN. The little known DA LATA are featured twice here and both tracks would be best heard on a sandy beach in the middle of the summer. If this album is anything to go by, Palm Pictures will be a label to keep an eye on if your taste of music is slightly left of the mainstream.

5 stars