Paul McMordie – Uncharted Territories

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Album Review by EDF

Not knowing what to expect, Belfast born Paul McMordie’s debut album does not quite prepare you to the music contained within. The cover photo looks like it was taken out at sea where dark clouds are travelling in towards land, darkening the cliffs underneath as they pass over where water meets land. Inside the CD packaging tells you even less, only that Paul plays guitar. From the opening few seconds of the album, you are not quite prepared for the wondrous sounds split over the generous sixteen helpings within.

Yes, this is an acoustic album from start to finish but it is not one of those flashing fabulous fingertip roller-coaster rides that traps some artists into proving that they are that good. Instead Paul uses the spaces and pauses between notes to his advantage to evoke a mood that can only, dare I say it, relaxes the listener into feeling good about themselves. Some of the tracks do not have your typical song structure but when music dares to sound as sweet as this, you just have to go with the flow and enjoy.

5 stars