Paul Oakenfold – Travelling

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

There are a lot of DJ compilation dance albums around at the moment and although some of them are worthwhile , others definitely fall into the “double album – same long track” syndrome. In other words although the tracks are different songs the selected mixes make them sound almost exactly the same.

TRAVELLING a mix by DJ Paul Oakenfold however really works. The tracks are different and although they blend well, as they should – this is a dance album you know, they still seem to retain their own individuality.

There are some outstanding tracks here and with 22 tracks over 2 CDs there are no duds at all so that’s some selection. For me there are a couple that really stand out, but I/m sure any listener is going to have their own favourites.

If you are going to buy any dance compilation in the next couple of months then this is the one to pick. You won’t be disappointed.

By the way ‘Perfecto Presents’ are now planning a series of compilation albums. I can’t wait to hear the next ones!

5 stars