Paul Waters – Goon Show

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Album Review by EDF

Music goes round in circles. It’s just as well because people need to be reminded of what music is all about. This release from Paul Waters is proof that the singer/songwriter genre is still alive and kicking. With Paul Waters, you feel that this Greensboro, NC artist has an ear constantly placed in the 1960’s. On first impression you will end up trying to compare each track to a famous artist but on repeated listening, you will realise that not a lot of people would produce such a sparse but warm album.

LITTLE BOY LOST comes over as a lost Bob Dylan or Tom Petty classic, while WALKING AWAY has its fair share of Lennon influences. In fact Waters’ vocals on most of these songs can be described as a pleasant mixture of both Lennon and McCartney. Even bizarrely enough, IT SEEMS THE PARTY’S OVER sounds in parts like a Spinal Tap tune. Maybe it is the sparseness of this track but to say anymore about it would only spoil the fun.

One thing you will realise listening to this is that while the tracks are accessible, on repeated listens you end up picking out something different. The lyrics are not of a whining kind either, than say certain tracks by established artists such as Coldplay or David Gray, which means that Waters does not need to find his voice, as he knows what it is. Hopefully he will rope in a few more musicians to flesh out his sound and top this enjoyable album.

5 stars