Pepe Deluxe – Spare Time Machine

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Music Review by Neil Sadler

Who are Pepe Deluxe and what exactly are they doing to my head? Spare Time Machine is aptly named as it seems like a trip to the swinging sixties – complete with kaftans and psychedelic lighting effects. The singer sounds like Scott Walker and the words make I am the Walrus seem quite sensible. We have wailing guitars and even a Moog or 2.

So is it any good? It is certainly tuneful and there are some fantastic tracks that have elements of the great Portishead (Last of the Great Explorers) and even a bit of Sigur Ros. Pussy Cat Rock wouldn’t sound out of place on a White Stripes album.

They are an acquired taste and you are never quite sure how serious this homage to all things psychedelic is.