Pesky – An Effort To Do Good

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Album Review by EDF

This is the first release from an Internet driven music label from Kansas City, USA. The group that has that pleasure is Pesky, a three-piece featuring Peter Thomas on guitar and vocals, Bob Stewart on bass, keyboards and vocals and Bob Moczydlowsky on drums. The album took almost a year to record and was recorded in a basement live to 8-track ADAT. What stands out first of all is the warmth of their sound. Whether it’s the harmonies or the simplicity of their songs, one thing is obvious is that there is a nod to the classic guitar groups from the sixties and upon listening to this, it is not a bad thing.

The songs are not long either, the longest clocking in at around 3.32. Just like Crowded House, where melody and lyrics were memorable, Pesky seem to have no trouble with both. BUILDING HOUSES is a bit like XTC with both the vocal work and the ever-changing time signatures predominant on this track. Pesky show a lot of promise and I’m sure that they will not disappoint those that come across them.

5 stars