Peter Gabriel – Hit

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Album Review by EDF

25 years since quitting Genesis, Peter Gabriel is still one of the UK’s most talented artists but due to the diversion of several non-music recording projects, he has somewhat left the limelight. Gabriel recently returned with the excellent UP album and this collection comes as a timely reminder of how good an artist he can still be.

The usual suspects are here alongside cuts from his post SHAKING THE TREE collection. We are treated to a new track, the funky BURN YOU UP, BURN YOU DOWN and a new mix of GROWING UP. It is also refreshing to rediscover some great tracks such as DIGGING IN THE DIRT and BLOOD OF EDEN lifted from the US album and listen with amazement to how little the tracks have aged.

The second CD, which is entitled MISS, is a mish-mash of album tracks, new mixes and a live track. The first CD feels like it was meant to soften the listener up for the quality tracks that are found on the second CD. We find a track taken from the movie RABBIT-PROOF FENCE, CLOUDLESS, showcasing Gabriel’s artistry for producing great soundtrack music. Even LOVETOWN taken from the PHILADELPHIA soundtrack is included here. The only blemish on an otherwise perfect second disc is the Steve Osborne mix of THE TOWER THAT ATE PEOPLE.

This is by far no rehash of his previous hits collection with an extra CD of odds and sods attached to it. The only complaint will be that certain tracks are missing but this is easily rectified by the other tracks compiled here. This is more of an appreciation of Peter Gabriel’s music and that should really be enough to satisfy any music fan.

6 stars