Pete Schlegel – Strong Stuff


Album Review by EDF

Some people have an idea that they should perform music. Ohio born Pete Schlegel reached a crossroad where his day job as an Ohio State Trooper and EMS helicopter pilot was getting in the way of his childhood dream, music. With a hard choice to make, Schlegel chose music. Armed with a familiar sound, STRONG STUFF takes us down the old route where Schlegel opted for each of the songs featured here, to be written by other songwriters.

What you notice straight away is that none of the tracks are more than four minutes. The songs are straight to the point so there is hardly any fat there to drag the songs. Both Schlegel and his group sound relaxed and confident throughout and it’s hard not to be taken in by this album. With a country sound that at times edges slightly towards country rock, this album should find Schlegel some new fans while keeping his older fans happy.

5 stars