Peyton – Peyton


Album Review by EDF

The first thing you will do when you hear Peyton is that you start comparing him to other singers. With a mix of The Christians meets Seal, this album is probably going to be the most uplifting album you will hear this year. There is a distinct gospel feel throughout and this should come as no surprise as Peyton’s father is actually a Pentecostal preacher. From the age of 6, Peyton was the lead vocalist in the gospel choir. Years later, his love of music would eventually bring him a dance floor classic in 2003 with A HIGHER PLACE, which is featured on this album.

We get a right mix of styles throughout. His songs are uplifting throughout and Peyton’s warm vocals just grabs you and do not let go. From the Latin flavoured BACK INTO LOVE to the stripped down I’ll FLY AWAY and TOO MUCH showcases what Peyton is vocally capable of. The aptly titled KEEP THE FAITH features a gospel choir telling the listener that it’s “gonna be all right” and you actually do believe their message. CELEBRATE and FIND MY WAY are a couple of the all out dance tracks found on the album and these are kept near the end of the album’s running order.

I have to admit that I was expecting to hear a lot of dance tracks throughout this album and thankfully we have been spared. Peyton’s voice should be allowed to be heard throughout and thankfully that is what we get. This is a well-balanced album and time will tell if Peyton gains an audience for his music.

6 stars