Plan: Be – Antiform

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Album Review by EDF

You do not find many hip-hop artists that come from the middle of nowhere in the States but this four piece from Western Maryland are very much aware of what is going on around them. This group of childhood friends formed Plan: Be in 2001 after a previous incarnation lasted for a couple of years. This group was their escape from the nine-to-five drudgery that could have easily swallowed them up.

Their debut album kicks off with a mix of classical music and hip-hop beats on THE SYMPHONY OF INDEPENDENT THOUGHT, the group’s commentary of where the US, “the original firestarter” is at right now. BUST takes the different approach to see how many times the word ‘bust’ can be used productively. By the time FEMININE FAT comes on, the group’s view that hip-hop videos are nothing short of pornography or trying to understand why people embrace C.C.C.H., Cars, Cash, Clothes, Hoes, you suddenly realise that PLAN: BE seem to be deliberately steering away from the usual topics that most hip-hop celebrate.

As the album goes on, a hint of The Beastie Boys creeps in on BUSTIN DECEPTICHOPS, mostly thanks to the high production values and samples used. Even though most of the album is quite inventive, you can feel time slowly slipping through your fingers on the ten minute plus C.C.C.H. Regardless, this is not your typical commercial hip-hop album. In fact, the flavour is more old skool and with this four piece, you get a feeling that they have more ideas to unleash.

4 stars