Planet Perfecto – Bites Da Dust

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Single Reviews by EDF and Mark Bayross

Review by EDF

Freddie Mercury IS alive. Well you would think so with the way Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” is sampled with Timo Maas’ “Der Schieber”. Programmer James Holden had wanted to showcase a track for the Notting Hill Carnival and this is the result. Queen fans, which I am, will probably hate this, which I don’t. A solid dance tune, this should cause a bit of a stir. Check out the other track on this single, a trance instrumental, COSTAS GROOVE by Paul Oakenfield.

5 stars

Review by Mark Bayross

The plundering of the Queen legacy continues with Planet Perfecto’s latest release, entitled, in a fit of utter creative brilliance,BITES DA DUST. People who criticise dance music often do so because they see it as uninspired re-hashing of older, more imaginative records. Well, this track will only go to prove their point.

Programmer James Holden has taken the original track, ripped out the drums and shoved in his own lumpen thump-thump backing. Well done, mate. Must have taken all of three minutes, that. To make matters worse, there’s an “Extended Vocal Mix” which does exactly what it says – it goes on, and on, and zzzzzzzzzz…….. And what’s this? An “Extended Dub Mix” too? Surely that’s just some sick joke?

Now, dance music doesn’t have to be uninspired knock-offs of your Dad’s record collection. There are some genuinely exciting, creative people out there trying to push the boundaries of all that fancy electronic equipment. Paul Oakenfold isn’t really one of them, but at least his COSTAS GROOVE on the B-side has a sense of melodic grace.

As a result, this gets one star. Otherwise, this would have been looking at a Big Fat Zero.

1 star