Planet Perfecto – Bulletin The Gun 2000

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Single Review by EDF

Here comes the big dance anthem from Planet Perfecto. Big beats, big orchestrated synth hook lines and a big sounding production job from Mekka, Trouser Enthusiasts and Paul Oakenfold.

If this doesn’t get your feet moving, then nothing will. What about the mixes?

There is the Club Mix which expands the track and is worth the price alone.

The Solar Stone Remix and Dub Mix offers another variation of the track.

The Rob Searle Mix increases the BPM but does not stray away too much from the original. The two Rabbit In The Moons’ mixes – Spooky Red Ribbon Mix and the Bloodhound Gangbangers Mix are the two best remixes here.

Overall top track, even better mixes.

5 stars