Plunky & Oneness – Got To Move Something

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Album Review by EDF

Originally known as Oneness Of Juju, Plunky & Oneness are based in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Regardless of the slight name change, they continue with more of the old and a sprinkling of the new. J. Plunky Branch might be more familiar to you than you even realise as at one stage he worked as a session musician for the Cosby Show. With his group, Plunky contributes vocals and more importantly sax, which gives the group an added dimension to its fusion of R&B. Afro-Pop, World Jazz and funk.

While the tracks feature the typically funk, feel good, type of lyrics that really haven’t changed in nearly forty years, this is in effect no bad thing. As with this genre of music, it is the emotion of the tracks that bring the grooves out from these songs, which makes the lyrics no less important to the music. As Plunky says on GOT TO MOVE SOMETHING, “the message is in the music”. Add the soulful voice of Tonya Lazenby-Jackson and these tracks are a joy to listen to.

The fact that this is the group’s 17th release is quite impressive and is hard to ignore. The added bonus to this release is that it includes a Live CD recorded in Atlanta July 2002. The band sound tight live and the pleasant vibes from the songs bring out the best from the audience who respond positively to the group.

In fact, the main message from Plunky & Oneness is that their music will move you to love, peace and positive and at times that message is not shared often enough.

5 stars