The Psychedelic Breakfast – In Uncle Sam’s Basement Emporium

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EP Review by EDF

In the past I might have made references on how there is a lack of raw music out there. With this debut album from the five-piece Newcastle based The Psychedelic Breakfast, you get a new kind of raw that is rarely seen in the recorded medium, bar live recordings. The Breakfast’s album is interesting for the fact that, much like their live set, this is a one-take album showing their prowess as a live band. This, I have to say, is a first for me. What are the results of this unique album?

Their style is an interesting mix of psychedelic-lite lyrics backed with a musical guitar indie sound. The opening track, ALWAYS TRIPPIN’ ALWAYS STONED shows hints of The Who meets early Pink Floyd. On other tracks we find a mixture of percussion and wailing guitar effect that is something you will rarely hear this century. On other tracks you will encounter 1960’s wah-wah guitar playing what is purely what the word retro was invented for.

The whole album has an amazing dream like quality; a kind of drifting that truly takes you off to another plain without putting you to sleep. The last time I ever encountered this would have been listening to a Pink Floyd album. I don’t know why I would want to compare them to the Floyd but when it works, music and lyrics like these has got to be experienced.

5 stars