Queen Adreena – FM Doll

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

After the well-received second album DRINK ME comes this new single. FM DOLL takes off pretty much where the album left off – bowel-shaking drums, searing guitars and, of course, Katie Jane Garside’s unhinged vocals.

Plenty of singers attempt the look-at-me-I’m-insane delivery with little conviction, but Garside’s performance is something else. Whispering conspiratorially one second, screaming the walls down the next – and occasionally singing in between – she has the rare ability to actually unsettle the listener by seemingly genuinely disturbed.

B-side KISSING MY DISGRACE is more of a lo-fi bluesy dirge, a fitting comedown after the tantrum of the main track. This single is unlikely to win them any new fans, but the Goth n’ roll crowd should love it.

4 stars