Randy Moore And The Fabulous Deltones

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Album Review by EDF

RANDY MOORE, born in Memphis, Tennessee, has been recording for over twenty years. Releasing his first single in 1976, he has spent his time touring and every now and then getting involved with a pilot show for TV. As well as performing, Randy has also written songs for some of Nashville’s best talent including CARL PERKINS.

LIFE IS GOOD reminisces about good times that were had down by the lake. BIG BERTHA is an amusing rockabilly ditty about golfing. I’m not kidding you, somebody has stolen Randy’s driver and there’s going to be hell to pay if he doesn’t get it back. MONA LISA has one of those enjoyable sing-a-long choruses that are rightly infectious.

Even the ballads are quite good as well and not too syrupy. TEARS I CRIED was written one night while MOORE was feeling a bit down while he was in his basement. While this doesn’t sound too appealing, this is one of those tracks you could imagine BON JOVI covering. A MOTHER’S PRAYER is a song that deals with the emotions of a new mother who must give up her child for adoption. ‘TIL I BROUGHT JESUS HOME, a country blues tune, was written when Randy spotted actor Gary Busey on a chat show. Busey was recounting how his life was one big suicide mission and if he got another chance at living he would bring Jesus home with him.

In that old tradition of country music where songs are written about troubled times, RANDY MOORE thankfully has released a collection of thoughtful and uplifting songs. While he seems quite relaxed on this album, both Country and non-Country fans can enjoy this carefree sounding album.

5 stars