Remember Rome – La Bocca Della Verita

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Album Review by EDF

Remember Rome is one of those groups who have a way of producing well-crafted acoustic based songs. After spending the summer of 1995 studying in Rome, Italy, Jim Papandrea and Lisa Weyerhaeuser formed the group but it was to be another two years before the group performed their first real gig. Just like the Electric Light Orchestra when they first started, Remember Rome found themselves in an embarrassing situation where there were more people on stage than in the audience. A further two years passed before they started performing as opening acts for local Chicago groups, which subsequently led to airtime on radio and television.

Their second album entitled LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA, translated as THE MOUTH OF TRUTH, continues with the sound of ‘progressive acoustic’ – as Remember Rome describe it. What this means is that the group’s performance brings out every note and every instrument without one drowning out the other.

AS I GO is a good example of their sound and is one of two live tracks to be found on the album. OUR TOWN seems to be a celebration of middle life suburban existence until you come across the clever twist at the end. AUTUMN, a cleverly written song about autumn’s prelude to the harshness of winter. LET’S SPEAK ITALIAN is a humorous tale about someone returning from a package tour to Rome. The sense of irony gets better with Papandrea delivering the line, “and now from the way I talk you’d think I’d lived there most of my life”.

With their folk sound complimented by harmonies and violins, the subjects and feelings portrayed within the lyrics will find a home with most listeners. This album is not pop music, does not feature throwaway lyrics and will interest those who like to listen to unobtrusive music.

4 stars