Richard Fleeshman – Back Here

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Richard Fleeshman returns for the summer with his brand new single ‘Back Here’’.

Richard co-wrote ‘Back Here’ with Steve Robson, the man behind hits for Take That and James Morrison. “To me ‘Back Here’ is about being away from home and away from your best mates and family. It’s about change. I just spent a week in LA and that was a big change from being in Manchester.  Having said that so many people have come up to me and told me what the song means to them so I guess it is open to interpretation.”

Richard has just returned from LA where he was called for a series of meetings with leading Hollywood producers about various film projects and US record labels about the release of his album in the States. He will be back in the US later this summer to consider his options after his forthcoming tour.

‘Back Here’ is taken from Richard’s debut album ‘Neon’ which includes the singles ‘Coming Down’ and ‘Hold Me Close’. “The album is blues and rock influenced with an acoustic sound but still pop,” says Richard. ‘Back Here’ became a live favourite with fans during Richard’s UK tour earlier this year.

Richard will be back on the road this summer. He has been chosen by Elton John to be the opening act on his summer arena and stadium shows across the UK. Elton John always picks up and coming musicians for his summer shows. Elton says about Richard : “When I heard ‘Neon’ I couldn’t believe how mature the record sounded and how developed and accomplished Richard’s songwriting is at such a young age. I was delighted to offer Richard a slot on my summer stadium shows.”

In the past Scissor Sisters and James Blunt have both opened for Elton on his summer stadium tours, before going on to worldwide success. “It’s an amazing honour,” says Richard. “Elton has always been an idol of mine but it is incredibly nerve racking as well. I’m going to ease myself into it by doing some warm up dates around the country before it. I cannot wait to go out there on.”