Robbie Williams – Live At Knebworth

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Album Review by Henri Roe

41 seconds of loud crowd screams, a few sounds of instruments being tuned, followed by a 10 second drum roll before the familiar first chord of LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU. Thus begins the highlights of that record-breaking concert of Robbie Williams.

The quality of the sound of each song is unbelievably good almost sounding like Robbie isn’t singing on a stage in front of thousands, but in a studio. It is matched perfectly from hearing the crowd hum in between songs, and while Robbie chats to them, to fading out to almost nothing when the songs start.

Most of the songs on this CD are pre-released singles and there are a few small, unknown gems like ME AND MY MONKEY. The ending is also apt with the last song being ANGELS and with this song the sound of the singing crowd can be heard throughout.

However there are also some disappointments like MR BOJANGLES, which is uncharacteristically bland for Mr Williams. Overall I was a little disappointed with this CD, being a Robbie Williams’ fan I like this CD, but there is nothing here to persuade the non-fans to change their minds and I fear only die-hard fans will really enjoy.

3 stars