Robert Love – Ghost Flight

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Recorded in just six days with the co-production help of Headrillaz’ Casper Kendros, GHOST FLIGHT is the debut solo album of Robert (“Larry”) Love of Alabama 3. Leaning heavily towards the blues and jazz elements of his main band, this finds him in strong voice, as the free flowing piano of the Raymond Revue Bar’s Clifford Slapper meets the urgent strumming of the Messengers of God’s Brendan O’Connell.

It’s an introspective collection of songs, coloured by the fact that our protagonist underwent surgery on his neck while writing the album (thanks to an injury sustained head butting a skinhead at an Anti-Nazi festival no less!). Still, we are in familiar tongue in cheek Love territory, as thematic blues staples such as love triangles and murder (BULLET THAT HITS YOU) rub shoulders with lamenting the intrusion of technology on relationships (OPERATOR BLUES).

GHOST FLIGHT is an album that grows on you. It may not have the jaw-dropping immediacy of some Alabama 3, but there is plenty here to warm to.

4 stars