Robert Miles – Paths

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

Taken from Robert Miles’ excellent new album ORGANIK, PATHS is a chilled slab of sarangi-inflected ambient that sounds a bit like Delerium fronted by a less unhinged Björk, courtesy of Nina Miranda’s ghostly vocals.

The song comes across two CDs, the first of which contains a remix by Roberto Cocina himself, plus those of a couple of big name guests – Jah Wobble (who takes out the beat) and The Future Sound Of London (who go house with added handclaps and piano).

The second disc contains the original version, plus a rather minimalist drum & bass remix by Alex Hass and the Kraftwerk-meets-Daft Punk bleep-fest of KV5’s interpretation. Also included is the Arran Bowyn-directed video, a supremely dark piece of animation that has more in common with the nightmarish vision of Tool than the man who brought the world “Children”.

The re-invention continues.

5 stars