Robin Brock – Hidden Power

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Album Review by EDF

The follow up to her critically acclaimed debut album BLAME IT ON ROCK AND ROLL, Canadian rocker Robin Brock’s follow-up is an impressive powerhouse release that can comfortably sit alongside the likes of Sheryl Crow and Bryan Adams. For those who are unfamiliar with Brock’s music, great rock melodies and honest lyrics are the order of the day.

With a way of being lyrically upfront, I’M DOIN’ FINE (WITHOUT YOU) kicks off the album with an uncompromising gutsy attack of Brock’s cheating lover. In fact most of the tracks address this kind of sentiment with bluesy rock reminiscent of the sort of songs Bryan Adams used to belt out in his early days.

The highlight from YOU LET ME has to be the great guitar solo that kind of reminds you of Lindsay Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac. AFTER THE STORM is a radio friendly track that, if it got a chance, would be played a lot on Rock radio. THAT SCARES ME is about a woman’s fears when finally finding her true love and opening her heart to the matter.

Apparently both I’M DOIN FINE and THAT SCARES ME won the rock category at the Benelux 2001 International Song & Culture Festival. With there being more female solo artists getting noticed than ever before, there are not many that go out and release a decent rock album. In fact with pop music getting the royal treatment at the moment, if you want to listen to an album full of artists playing real instruments, then Robin Brock’s album is for you.

5 stars