The Saturdays – Chasing Lights

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Music Review by Natalie Homer

The first major girl band to be launched in the U.K. for a few years, the five-piece pop group The Saturdays offer a photogenic appearance and electro-pop sound, that has been likened to Girls Aloud and Sugarbabes and to my ears, there is little to distinguish between the bands. Formed in 2007 through auditions that were held by a management company hoping to revive the flagging pop market, all five members had previous performing experience. Their motivation? To bring some “much needed, shameless fun to the charts”.

They will no doubt do well enough with songwriters and producers that have worked with The Pussycat Dolls and Rhianna, plus with two ex-members of S Club 7, they have the production foundations to become the new pop and media darlings of the industry.

But are they any good? Well, yes. Why not? They sing well, look lovely and have some catchy summery tunes. Let the new generation of girlies have their day I say. With a repertoire full of disco, techno, dance and R&B, the album is uncomplicated and unbeat – perfect to browse through racks of Topshop clobber on a Saturday afternoon.

If you like pop and you miss All Saints (and their ilk), then get your handbags out; don’t think just dance.

3 stars