Saves The Day – Sound The Alarm

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Returning triumphantly from the record industry shenanigans that followed 2004’s IN REVERIE and threatened to derail their career, and with ex-Glassjaw bassist Manny Carrero now on board, Saves The Day have released an album of confidence and conviction.

From the wired punk of opener HEAD FOR THE HILLS, through a series of catchy songs like EULOGY and DISEASED, and into the dramatic almost Radiohead-style closer HELL IS HERE, this album is a sucker-punch of thumping drums, rumbling bass and spiky guitars, while Chris Conley’s vocals soar to new heights.

Okay, this emo business is nothing new but there’s plenty of melody crammed into these riffs and there’s enough variety and unpredictability here to keep the interest. SOUND THE ALARM is an album that takes a couple of listens to sink its claws into your psyche, but with every song a three minute burst or less, it won’t outstay it’s welcome while doing so.

5 stars