Scooch – More Than I Needed To Know

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Single Review by Nigel A. Messenger

This is Scooch’s second release and although the first was probably better, it doesn’t really matter as their increasing popularity is more to do with the publicity machine at work.

Scooch, two girls, two boys, are made in the mould of Steps etc and are sure to emulate Steps success.

The music is pure teen pop, they even have their own special dance moves for each single. Nothing too difficult so 12 year old girls can copy them in front of the TV.

They look good and that’s more what this music is about. Their redeeming quality however is the single fact that one of the four is a drop dead gorgeous blonde girl called Caroline. Put her in any band and you instantly have got the attention of any red blooded male who sees the video!

So good luck to them and lets hope we see lots more of Caroline in the future.

3 stars