The Scumfrog – Extended Engagement

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Album Review by EDF

There have been many mix CD’s of late where a DJ would compile and mix a set number of tunes. Here instead, we have Dutch DJ Jesse Houk aka The Scumfrog mixing tracks he has either remixed or composed.

His influences range from rock to hip-hop, jazz to disco. He started performing a varied set in 1988 and became a full on house DJ in the mid nineties. He moved to his new base in New York in 1997 and eventually set up his own record label.

The Scumfrog has remixed the likes of David Bowie, George Michael and Kylie Minogue. This double CD represents some of those mixes. We find KYLIE’s ‘Love At First Sight’ given a big dance beat and not much else of the original in sight bar the chorus. This cannot be said of DAVID BOWIE’s ‘Loving The Alien’ where the remix keeps the original intact and the track fits in nicely with anything the dance scene has to offer.

There are a few tracks that have been given a decent remix but others are represented with repetitive beats where there is little or no evidence of the original track. Tracks to look out for are PURE ORANGE ‘Feel Alive’, SONO ‘Keep Control’, DIRTY VEGAS ‘Days Go By’ and The Scumfrog’s own LEARNING TO FLY.

For those looking to purchase a decent mix CD, you could do worse than buying this one. With enough decent mixes to cover one CD, two CD’s just makes the party fade out with a tiresome whimper than finish with a bang.

3 stars