Seafood – Belt


Single Review by Mark Bayross

Taken from debut album, SURVIVING THE QUIET, this is a slab of slacker lo-fi with echoes of Pavement or Sebadoh.

BELT is all de-tuned guitars and off-kilter vocals, with the odd blast of noise, while PEBBLE MULE is faster and heavier, with a psychotic screamed chorus. Third track DID YOU COME IN A CAR? is more fragile, but, as with many lo-fi ballads, its prettiness is offset by the nakedly flat vocals.

This all sounds very American – even the song titles smack of Sonic Youth – which is why it’s all the more surprising that this quartet come from the home counties.

This doesn’t break any new ground, but if plaid shirts and pick-up trucks are your thing, then give it a listen.

4 stars