Seb Fontaine – Prototype 3

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Reviewing a DJ Mix album is a similar exercise in futility to trying to visualise the edge of the universe or waiting for decent music to come back to the UK charts. Both are time consuming and, essentially, pointless.

What can you say about three hours of seamlessly mixed deep house that only serves its purpose in a club? This is as slick and well-produced as any of the releases of Mr Fontaine’s peer group, combining club favourites with almost unrecognisably reworked mainstream tracks like THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS’ ‘Music Response’ and MOBY’s ‘Natural Blues’.

I guess DJ mix albums will be around for the rest of time now – the Ministry of Sound have seen to that – especially as there is an endless supply of material that can be cut and re-cut every which way.

Of course, it’s all perfectly danceable. Whether you can sit through it is another matter.

3 stars