Serafin – Day By Day

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

London’s Serafin have been winning much critical acclaim, something that is sure to increase in the run-up to their debut album, NO PUSH COLLIDE, due out at the end of the July.

In the meantime, we have DAY BY DAY, a fast, muscular and sufficiently melodic three minutes that wastes no time lodging itself in your brain, while singer Ben Fox Smith does his utmost to push his voice along with the searing guitars.

B-sides COUNTRIES FOR BREAKFAST and HOW TO THINK OF ALWAYS are less immediate, although the latter comes close to emulating the visceral rush supplied by label mates Muse.

Still, in two week’s time the album will be out and we’ll see if the gushing praise of the UK music press has been justified.

5 stars