Sergey Rybitsky

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Album Review by EDF

Some people will do anything to get involved with music. Sergey Rybitsky is no exception. Here we have someone whose carrier could have gone in either direction. In Sergey’s case, he had the choice to study technical engineering in mining or music. Somehow he’s done both for obvious reasons: one he needed the money and two his interest in composers such as Bach and Rachmaninov to name a few was too strong to ignore. For obvious budgetary reasons and the lack of equipment, all the tracks were performed on the Roland XP-60 keyboard.

If you ignore the fact that some of the sounds produced can be a little restrictive, you will find that Rybitsky has the imagination to compose the sort of instrumental synthesised music that has been recently lacking. In fact, you could say his music is almost bordering on cinematic music and stand-alone instrumental tracks. If I was to make a comparison to this CD, you could play this alongside Jan Hammer’s ESCAPE FROM TELEVISION, the soundtrack album to the MIAMI VICE TV series.

There is, though, a lot more to Rybitsky’s compositions and with a full-blown orchestra backing him, then his music would be fleshed out to amazing effects. Surely someone out there is brave enough to commission this guy to write a movie score.

4 stars