Sgt Rock – Live The Dream


Single Review by EDF

Sgt. Rock is another in the long line of bedroom artists along the same caliber as Fat Boy Slim and Moby. This album is a happy, care free album full of samples that is quite similar to FAT BOY SLIM’s ‘You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby’.

Sgt. Rock hid himself away in his Tooting bunker, honest, that’s what it says here, to prepare his own blend of home brewed sounds with a bag of ‘da funk’ and some cheap equipment.

What we have here is an enjoyable collection of acid P-funk ROCK THE BISCUIT, YEAH WORD PARTY; the disco influenced DEEPER ‘N’ DEFFER that apparently Norman Cook quoted as one of his favorites. There is also the acid house influenced but hilariously titled SO MANY REGGIE PERRINS IN THE ARSE END OF SPACE.

Included here as well is the single WE’RE IN HEAVEN with its house beats and funk tinged bass lines. Also check out the Kraftwerk influenced INTERNATIONAL COUNTING.

While the production is not as full as say Fat Boy Slim, the tracks are inventive enough to keep the listener interested and put them in a good mood. Whether or not Sgt. Rock will break it into the mainstream this time round, going by the tracks on this release, you get a feeling that the Sgt. will be around for some time.

5 stars