Shane Warner – Absolutely

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Album Review by EDF

Every once in a while, an artist manages to break it big such as New Zealand country singer Shane Warner. Not only is he currently trying to break into the American market, he has won six awards at the North American Country Music Association International awards which will join the other music awards he has won. What makes this country artist so special that he keeps winning awards?

Even though Shane’s sound is essentially country with twangy guitar and violins, there are hints of a more commercial sound in songs such as BABY I’D DIE FOR YOU. Shane’s approach is not quite in your face like other country singers. The songs here are the usual tales of love found and lost and Shane’s voice makes you want to sit up and listen to his tales. Not all the songs were written by Warner, he even does a decent version of the Owen Paul track YOU’RE MY FAVOURITE WASTE OF TIME.

The one thing that is hard to ignore is that this album sounds very polished. This is an indication that Warner is not wasting any time in getting his music noticed. The fact that Warner has moved to Nashville is another indication that he is ready to take on the Nashville elite and show that he can give as good as the rest. Going by this release, it will only be a matter of time before everyone has heard of Shane Warner.

5 stars