Sharp Practise – Hiya

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Album Review by EDF

In the tradition of storytelling lyrics, Sharp Practise has a knack of writing simple but memorable songs of life and love and are not that far removed from bands such as THE MUTTON BIRDS and XTC. Nigel Clothier, who writes all the bands songs, has a way of making these songs sound both inviting and personal.

BORN AND RAISED brings up memories of a former relationship and it’s connections to local places. IT’S ALRIGHT is about how two people take a step back from their way of thinking and living and finding common ground in their relationship. MAYBE IT’S GONNA BE TONIGHT is the realisation of waiting for the other person to phone and that’s when the penny drops that they are seeing someone else. HIM OR ME tackles the same subject with a different twist. This time the twist is that the woman’s brother supposedly turns up for a visit but suspicion arises that she is with somebody else. How many of us can relate to these two songs?

BOOK OF DAYS is one of those songs which seems to wear it’s heart on its sleeve when it comes to giving as much support to a woman without looking for anything in return. EVE GOT ADAM looks at how a woman has as much power and persuasion over a man as much as Eve had over Adam in the Garden.

Nigel Clothier is SHARP PRACTISE, which was first formed in England in 1999; this album is the result from this first line-up. The band’s line-up for 2002 is totally different and their second album, RADIOCITY, should feature this new line up. Even though they are signed to Positive Records in the UK, SHARP PRACTISE is getting airplay in countries as far away as the USA and even AUSTRALIA. This is one band that should, in time, get a lot more recognition.

5 stars