Shelby Lynne – Identity Crisis


Album Review by Henri Roe

Shelby Lynne definitely plays by her own rules. This is borne out by her ninth album, which she wrote, produced and practically played all 12 tracks herself. The end result is something quite extraordinary.

It’s stripped of the glossy pop that so many albums are covered with nowadays, such as ones from the Dixie Chicks, Shania Twain and indeed Lynne’s last album LOVE, SHELBY. What’s left is a raw display of her musical roots. The songs run the emotional gauntlet from self-doubt and mistrust to courage, faith and love.

It starts with the soon to be released new single TELEPHONE. A perfectly created track that shows you just how intimate Lynne’s writing has become. No two tracks are the same and Lynne once again combines country, jazz, soul and rock into a memorising concoction. I’M ALIVE is the weakest track, but saying that is picking the meanest of holes.

Certain tracks have influences and inspiration from the greats – Patsy Cline, Chet Baker and Willie Nelson to name a few.

The album is an all-rounder and you should buy it even if you’re not a country music lover. It’s perfect for chill-out, to put on when you’re feeling emotional or you just want something easy to listen to.

You should definitely go out and buy this. I guarantee you’ll have something worth more than you pay for it.

5 stars