Sherena Dugani – Accidental Angel


Single Review by Nigel A. Messenger

Sherena Dugani’s debut single ACCIDENTAL ANGEL was written specially for the movie SAVING GRACE (reviewed in the movie section of PHASE9).

While recording tracks for her debut album in the same studio complex as film director Nigel Cole who was working on the soundtrack to his film SAVING GRACE, Sherena was invited to compose a song for the film. Written in 24 hours to meet a deadline the track was used as a backdrop to one of the key scenes and over the closing titles.

Described as a cross between Natalie Imbruglia and Fiona Apple, 23 year-old Bedfordshire born Sherena was originally spotted by a talent scout eight years ago, although at the time she turned down the offer of fame to develop her songwriting skills.

The melodic sound of ACCIDENTAL ANGEL is a lot better than the film it was written for and we look forward to the album still to come.

4 stars