Shooting Rubys – Mood Swings And Cravings

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Album Review by EDF

In the best traditions of bands producing well-structured pop / rock songs comes the Canadian four piece, SHOOTING RUBYS. MOOD SWINGS AND CRAVINGS, a collection of demo tracks recorded in a wide variety of bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and hallways, sounds more like it was recorded in a studio than where the sleeve notes suggest. This just showcases how professional this album sounds.

The songs are the usual pop / melodic guitar tunes with catchy uplifting lyrics and vocal harmonies. EVEN IF, the first track on the album, has been getting a lot of attention, especially from the likes of ex-Talking Heads Jerry Harrison on his website PERFECT MOOD is a song about what to do to cheer yourself up when life’s problems are getting you down. WELL WEATHERED asks a number of questions about how people have different ways of understanding events around them.

An advantage that SHOOTING RUBYS have over most other bands is that each member of the group takes turns on lead vocal duty. Unfortunately, this only makes you appreciate certain vocalists over another. While it is quite difficult to pinpoint any outstanding track, each one sounds more at home on the album as a whole. This will appeal to listeners who enjoy this sort of music and others will feel like they have heard it all before.

4 stars