SikTh – Scent Of The Obscene

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EP Review by Mark Bayross

The opening track from the North London sextet’s mind-melting debut album THE TREES ARE DEAD & DRIED OUT, WAIT FOR SOMETHING WILD serves as an appropriate showcase for the band’s dynamism and originality.

It’s a head-on collision between frankly mental hyper-fast heavy guitars, Iron Maiden-style screamed verses, heads-down bonkers death metal and a singalong nu-metal chorus that even finds time for a prog-rock interlude. Time signatures, vocals and riffs are all over the place, and, while most people will undoubtedly find it no more than chaotic noise, it makes for a fantastic 4½ minutes.

And talking of Maiden, there’s a cover of WRATHCHILD on here as well, plus the SCENT OF THE OBSCENE video. Go on, buy the single – the thought of this on “Top Of The Pops” is just too funny for words.

5 stars