Simple Plan – Still Not Getting Any

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Canadian pop punkers Simple Plan look to be on the verge of following the likes of Blink 182 and Good Charlotte into the MTV-friendly mainstream skate rock circuit and second album STILL NOT GETTING ANY… may be just the record with which they’ll do it.

Thanks to tight song-writing and crunching production from the legendary Bob Rock, this is an uncomplicated – if unoriginal – album that pushes all the right buttons and won’t fail to get its target audience leaping around like loons. From the hyperactive opener SHUT UP! onwards, through the singalong choruses of the likes of CRAZY, to the boy band balladry of closer UNTITLED, this is standard issue teenage rebellion, but professionally done.

Little moments of quality intrude here and there – flurries of strings on ONE, nu-metal electronics on JUMP, a legs-akimbo guitar solo on PROMISE – and every song is taut and effective. If you can overlook this album’s predictability and fancy some well-produced pop-punk, then dive right in.

4 stars