Sita – Happy

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Album Review by EDF

Sita came to the forefront when she won a pop idols type competition with six other contestants. They all formed a group called K-otic and became big in their Dutch homeland. Constantly touring, Sita wanted to turn her energies to becoming a solo artist and she eventually left K-otic. Becoming popular in Europe, Sita’s album finally gets released in the UK on the Jive label. Is she worth checking out? Yes she is if you like decent pop rock tunes.

Starting the album off with HAPPY, this is a great driving upbeat tune that immediately grabs your attention. Moving away from her ‘happy’ side she attacks a hopeless case, which Sita labels a JERK. Although not as vicious as say an Alanis Morissette song, “there are other words, but they just don’t work” lets the listener know someone is getting off lightly. Then comes the backlash as Sita tries to defend herself as she is being labelled SELFISH, “I’ve got a little sparkle, inside of me, and you tell me I’m selfish, delirious”. HELLO is a passable guitar driven pop tune, while I SURRENDER slows the pace down with its sweet sentiment, “Holding on to something heaven sent, I don’t never want this love to end”.

THE WORLD GOES ROUND is introduced with a repetitive guitar melody which mirrors the song’s title and Sita’s observation “Life is a kaleidoscope that changes everyday” is not the sort of lyric that is usually featured in pop songs. TWISTED starts off with that tone of voice men know only too well when they are being set up for a tongue lashing, “you had you’re cake now spit it right out, I’m takin’ back all the good love I gave”. STRONG WINDS is so catchy; it conjures up images of hot summer days. WHENEVER reassures that Sita will stand by her man “I’ll make you smile, won’t you let me dry those tears”.

There are not a lot of women who can convincingly perform pop rock. While Sita could easily be compared more to Sheryl Crow than Alanis Morissette, the songs feature situations the listener can relate to. While the lyrics are very direct, Sita’s vocals are pleasant to listen to and the catchy tunes here make this a very likeable and enjoyable release.

5 stars