Smashing Pumpkins – Try Try Try

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

The grunge/goth-rock soap opera that has been The Smashing Pumpkins for the last decade or so will apparently draw to a close at the end of their current “Sacred and Profane” tour – mainman Billy Corgan has announced that MACHINA/THE MACHINE OF GODS was their last album (just wait for the inevitable Singles Collection).

TRY TRY TRY is one of the more sedate tracks from MACHINA, a pretty ballad of despair and forlorn melancholy, as we have come to expect from the band that gave us DISARM. If it’s laughs or smiles you’re after then go shop elsewhere. The single comes backed by the even more jolly HERE’S TO THE ATOM BOMB.

It’s worth noting that many of the major TV networks have refused to show the video for TRY TRY TRY because it dares to portray a day in the life of a couple of drug addicts struggling to survive. Of course, the broadcasters would rather continue feeding us mindless pap and putrid boy-band insignificance for as long as they can continue trying to sell us Pepsi.

Sod ‘em. Stand up for intelligence and truth – visit their website and watch it there. Isn’t the Internet great? But then, I would say that…

4 stars