Garage Jams ft Clare Evers – Snowflake

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It’s said that every snowflake is unique and this one is no exception to the rule. This hook laden tune from Garage Jams, perfectly complimented by stunning vocals from Clare Evers, has been filling dancefloors on the garage scene since summer 2007 and the buzz continues to build.

Garage Jams are Edward Craig and Jim Sullivan, also known as The Wideboys, and have collaborated with and remixed everyone from Rihanna to Snoop Dogg. There’s no doubting they know how to create a big tune and in ‘Snowflake’ they have beautifully crafted a song that is as equally at home on daytime radio as it is on a crowded dancefloor. Talented vocalist Clare Evers co-wrote the song proving that her worth to the project goes well beyond providing an unforgettable vocal performance.

‘Snowflake’ has gathered momentum in the clubs where the sexy vocals, big bassline and skipping garage beats have seen the girls flock to the dancefloor. Already ‘A’ list at Radio 1Xtra with support from the likes of Cameo and MistaJam, playlisted by Kiss FM and getting key early support from Capital and the Galaxy Network, ‘Snowflake’ is already well on the way from the underground into the mainstream consciousness.

The video for Snowflake brings Tecktonics to the UK. This dance craze, a mixture of breakdance and vogueing, is sweeping France and the rest of Europe looks set to follow. Gorgeous male and female fairies swoop and fly around Clare performing a spectacular array of Tecktonic moves as she makes her way through a futuristic landscape. The video is a seductive, visual treat.

As always, Gusto can be relied upon to provide a range of mixes that will satisfy any dancefloor. The Wideboys themselves step up to deliver an uplifting, summery house mix that is gaining a momentum of its own. Future Freakz present an excellent remix with a definite electronic edge, while The Wideboys are back again with their R & G mix, a down tempo, chilled mix that demonstrates the strength of the song.