Spaccanapoli – Lost Souls

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Album Review by EDF

From the Real World Label comes this enjoyable album from Italy by a group whose name is roughly translated as split or break Naples.

Most of the tracks are mainly acoustic where accordions, flutes, violins and a brass band of sorts find their way in and out different tracks. While the lyrics, which are sung in the Italian, tell tales of everyday life similar to the style of old Neapolitan songs, the approaches musically on some of the tracks are not typically Italian.

Some tracks have an Eastern Europe sound to them and the mix of switching vocalists from a female to a male perspective and vice versa without falling into the usual trappings of duets is refreshing. Tracks like ANEME PERZE and MOEZZO A FESTA are so highly enjoyable, you would feel that the group themselves had a fun time recording this.

4 stars