Spice Groove – Various Artists

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Album Review by EDF

Those good people at Music Mosaic are back with another compilation promoting “the pulse of global harmony”. Just as with their previous releases, they have tracked down the best that world music artists have to offer. These unique collections mix the traditional with the modern and the results are usually spectacular.

SPICE GROOVE deals mainly with Indian influenced music driven with a modern beat. Bhakta starts the album off with the sensual, atmospheric LORD SHIVA. This is followed by Lee Boice’s mysterious CEREMONY who mixes in the dobro and sarod to a solid modern bassline. Soulfood’s CHAMBER 15 changes the scene slightly with his mix of Central American groove and recognisable sounds from around the world. 9 MAIDENS by Hyper[borea], who bring an Irish feel, a bit like the Afro-Celt Sound System, is apparently about the subject matter dancing on a moor. The highlight of this album comes in the guise of Pili Pili’s THE HEADPEEPER, a swinging track based on the victims of high speed roller-skating. Percussionist James Asher gets SERPENT OF THE NILE flowing like a snake rising upward out of its wicker basket.

The album finishes off with Dago’s INDIAESPARA which features just guitars and violin and is just a magnificent piece that has got to be listened to. Overall the tracks compiled are excellent but as with most compilations there are a few which do not quite come up to same standard as the majority of the tracks but as usual this release is a very enjoyable listen.

5 stars