Static-X – Start A War

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Album Review by Mark Bayross

Back to basics for Static-X, with original producer Ulrich Wild and guitarist Koichi Fukuda back in the fold. As a result this, their fourth album, sounds a lot like their debut WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP.

From the jackhammer opening of THE ENEMY onwards, this is furious stuff, with bone-crunching guitars and Wayne Static’s unhinged vocals only relenting during the melodic choruses. This pattern persists until about halfway through the album, when JUST IN CASE which, despite barrelling along on rumbling down-tuned guitars, at least breaks up the relentless pounding of everything before it.

Other stand-outs include SET IT OFF with its impressively manic chorus, the Mexican-electro-metal mash-up of OTSEGO AMIGO, and the big beat techno closer BRAINFOG.

While not much of a step forward, and devoid of either subtlety or lyrical invention, START A WAR nonetheless makes for an entertaining listen and is sure to appeal to its target audience.

5 stars