Stella Browne – Every Woman Needs Love

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Single Review by Mark Bayross

This is the debut single from disco duo Danny Harrison and Julian Jonah, the pair behind 187 Lockdown, Nu Birth and Gant, this time with Michelle Douglas of the London Community Gospel Choir on vocals.

According to the duo, the Stella Browne project was borne out of a desire to “record quality vocals over fat basslines”. Well, it may succeed in doing that – it is anthemic in that soul diva disco kinda way – but do we really need six versions of it on one single?

A radio edit, a “club” version, a 12″ dub, an “original demo version”, an “original demo dub” and a “string appella”…Jeez, guys, leave it alone! It’s one thing to repeat the same sound over and over again if the original is good to start with. However, when it’s as dull and fomulaic as this, you have to wonder whether they are taking the piss.

Mind-blowingly dull.

1 star