Steps – The Last Dance

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Album Review by Nigel A. Messenger

About a year ago three girls and two guys who made up the group Steps decided enough success was enough and ended the most successful British mixed sex group ever. Why were they such a hit? Probably because they stick to simple, catchy songs that were inoffensive, appealed to a wide range of the general public from kids to their parents (particularly kids), and had an excellent publicity dept backing them.

Now just in time for Xmas a Steps ‘collection’ album hits the record stores. It’s a double CD with a mix of some well-known and lesser well-known tracks plus a bunch of remixes on the second disc.

For those Steps fans missing their heroes this is a must-buy album or would make a welcome surprise in their Xmas stockings. If you don’t like this sort of thing then steer well clear or you might OD on the saccharine. For me… well as I said it’s inoffensive stuff – I’m still trying to work out which one of the girls is most attractive – just don’t show me their dance routines.

3 stars