Stereophonics – You Gotta Go There To Come Back

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Album Review by S Felce

Stereophonics are back two years after their last successful album with something new and interesting. In the introduction note Kelly Jones explains that this album was made in a more spontaneous way than the previous one, recording a song a day. The result does sounds different. YOU GOTTA GO THERE TO COME BACK is a more original and adventurous project and K. Jones ‘s vibrant lyrics blend together with the gospel vocals and piano riffs.

The first single off the album, MADAME HELGA, announced a return to the rock of PERFORMANCE AND COCKTAILS. However apart from MADAME HELGA, HELP ME and HIGH AS THE CEILING the rest of the tracks are more melodic. There are a lot of ballads, like the beautiful NOTHING PRECIOUS AT ALL in which K. Jones’ warm voice is accompanied by his acoustic guitar and piano. I’M RIGHT is a perfect mix of rock, blues and soul, while MAYBE TOMORROW is a great acoustic melody with gospel vocals.

Lyrics come as usual from K. Jones’ every day life experiences and the writing is as energetic and lively as ever. The songs are inspired by his travels around the world or his childhood memories. GETAWAY is about his youth in a little village and MADAME HELGA is a woman he met in Sri Lanka.

YOU GOTTA GO THERE TO COME BACK shows a new direction from the Stereophonics and it’s a clear statement that they’re not ready to go just yet! After the rumours of a possible split, they have come back with a new pulsating album with guitars, soul and a passion to make good music.

5 stars