The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Life & Death

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Music Review by Natalie Homer

I immediately loved this album. In fact I’d go as far as to say that it is a thing of beauty. I give it 6 out of 6 (very appropriate) stars for this trippy, blissed-out sound. If dreams had a soundtrack, it would be this album.

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Dwayne, Jessica, Bryan, and friends – as described in what looks to be trademark minimal fashion, on their MySpace page – have indeed made beautiful and beautifully laid back psychedelic folk pop in this debut album LIFE & DEATH. Originally from Los Angeles they have a very spacey 60’s sound that made me feel, in the words of space Generalissimos, Pink Floyd “comfortably numb”.

Setting an amber hue that spirals from one song to the next in hazy sunny swirls, is opening track DO YOU FEEL FREE? which feels like a barefoot walk in a field of daisies on a luminous weekend afternoon…with friends (imaginary and real). From the bluesy bo-jangled guitars of FEELIN’ GOOD through to honey flavoured symbols of OH LIFE, the album oozes by like an Ayurvedic head massage, never dipping into elegy – it somehow masterfully maintains your full attention, despite the hypnotic tempo of the songs.

Thick, unctuous tunes that take you to the deepest cosmos and leave you there.

5 stars