The Stills – Logic Will Break Your Heart

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Album Review by EDF

It is amazing how some bands on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean can sound uncannily like their UK counterparts. What we have are The Stills, a four-piece band that are now based in New York City. Producing jangling guitar tunes like no one else around them, they sound pretty tight and so they should due to the number of years that they have played and they are still only in their early twenties.

They came together thanks to an unfortunate situation which one of their friends found themselves in while in Barcelona, Spain. Needing cash quickly, he rang up the group who took their mate’s 4-track machine and promptly wired him a hundred dollars. From this, they recorded their first EP and recently have supported the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and The Streets. Tracks such as YESTERDAY NEVER TOMORROW and LOVE AND DEATH highlight what the group are capable of. These tracks and more will be found on their debut album LOGIC WILL BREAK YOUR HEART.

4 stars